Hey, I'm Carissa.

And I would like to share with you my story of how I went from making $30,000 per year... 

To transferring 

I did this using a combination of business strategy, manifestation & law of attraction...

And by by changing the way I think and feel about money.

It was NOT luck.

I did NOT come from a wealthy background.

I NEVER had any investors, loans, credit cards or help.

I've decided to share this story now only because since I started coaching in business and marketing over the last 5 years...

I have realised that the main reason so many entrepreneurs are NOT making the money they want to be making...

Is not because of their product or service or how they are marketing themselves...

(Ok, well sometimes it is).

But mostly, it's due to the way they 

So many people have a belief that making a lot of money is dirty, greedy, evil, wrong or selfish...

And that could NOT be further from the truth.

Although, I used to feel the same way once upon a time...

And I even used to tell myself things like:

 "If I ever have enough money to fly business class or rent helicopters, I will give it to charity instead because that is such a waste of money."

It wasn't until I changed my thinking to the fact that I COULD DO BOTH...

That everything changed for me.

Now, I see money as a direct reflection of the amount of value you are contributing to the world...

And a measurement tool for the amount of people you are helping.

I give more to charities and causes than I ever have before...

AND I get to have and experience everything I want as well...

And I want you to experience the same, which is why I have created this FREE 2 WEEK MONEY MINDSET MAKEOVER COURSE FOR YOU.

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Here are just a few topics that will be covered for you over the next 2 weeks:

How I went from earning $30k/year to putting $30k/profit into my savings every WEEK.

How to make more money in your business and why you should.

How to think like a wealthy person, not a "struggling" person.

How to stop being afraid of asking your clients for money!

How to stay motivated and focussed on making more money daily.

How to feel good when you think about making & spending money.

How to set achievable money goals that you are genuinely excited & confident about.

How to understand what people actually want to buy from you.

How to price yourself PROFITABLY in business (so that you can actually stay in business and grow your business faster)!

+ soooo much more...


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